I’m just a girl who never stopped playing “dress up”.





17 Comments on “STYLE DIARY

  1. You’ll look beautiful as ever!! Sending you lots of blessings into your career!!

  2. Wow lady. I can’t believe growing up I never realized how fashionably talented you are. You have to tell me how you did your hair with the waves when you were wearing the black dress with the feathers. Also that black dress with the side slit is amazing 🙂

  3. love love LOVE all your looks, Ms. V.V. (especially that *new* red hair 🙂 ) TOTALLY need to hire you as a stylist and ooooooo THANK YOU for turning us all on to Secrets in Lace! you have NO idea how long it has been since i have been able to find “old fashioned” GLAMOUR girdles, garter belts, bras, and STOCKINGS!!! you are the BEST! love and blessings and FABULOUSNESS ALWAYS!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox

  4. i absolutely adore your style, confidence and your fashion sense is sick… I must say you definitely know how to put pieces together to look flawless. I also read something in your blog about how u also have cellulite and stretch marks and that was very reassuring to a thicky thick young lady like myself. Keep it up VV ur an inspiration to be classy and sexy I am a Fan!!! xoxo

  5. I’m in love with your style. I’m sure you’ve heard this millions of time but it makes me happy to have found you. Such an inspiration.

  6. Just found your blog and this is the first blog post I see and i’m hooked! Love how versatile you are, you are not pigeonholed into one “look” and always look so put together! Amazing outfits 🙂


  7. As a fashion fanatic and a designer, I must say you have the most incredible style of anyone I have ever seen, including all celebrities. Absolutely unique and detailed from head to toe and wide range of different styles… Love Love Love, New York has so much awesome fashion! Kudos to you, keep doing your thing the fashion world needs people like you 🙂

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