Please use the following contact form for any inquiries in regard to collaborations, rates, features, and more. Media kit to be issued upon email request.


8 Comments on “Contact

  1. Hi Jasmin! Just a quick question from one of your fans.. I’m a fashion student and your job as a buy for Pinupgirlclothing is around the area of where I want to be one day, may I ask what you studied? I know there’s so much more than just what you studied, you’ve created an amazing site with your style diary etc. and social media appearance but do you have any recommendations of where I could start? Thank you so much, Ashlea

    • Believe it or not, I got the job based on my knowledge of fashion and style alone. I didn’t study anything. Sometimes you don’t need school. When you’ve got it, you just do. I got lucky so I can’t say how it happened for me may happen for someone else. However, I would say branding myself a someone who takes fashion very seriously helped. Best of luck and success to you dear <3.

  2. This is half a decade late, but that 2010 Lily costume is the best I have ever seen. Including the Adrienne Curry one from Comic Con.

    Incredible work, love this site. Scorpion costume was impressive as well. Nice to see someone else make such an effort on Halloween.

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