Vintage Hairstyling

Being passionate about the Pin Up culture has sparked my creativity so much throughout the years that I have mastered many mid-century styles. Pompadours, victory rolls, soft saves, and pin curls used to take me hours and now with the help of my books, attending classes, and utilizing half-wigs/weaves I have figured out how to manipulate my hair and take short cuts while I am at it. I am still learning but am excited to show you my tips and tricks to make your life a hell of a lot easier.

  • I shampoo my entire head but I only condition the ends of my hair starting from the end of my scalp.
  • I wash my hair twice a week as it doesn’t get oily quickly. For oily hair invest in dry shampoo and condition your ends lightly.
  • I do not blow dry my hair as I feel it fries and damages it.
  • I rarely put products in my hair like gel or serums but if I do they usually don’t contain alcohol. I only use hairspray when styling it and it’s usually by Chi.
  • I cut my hair once every six months.
  • I color my hair every 2 months with over-the-counter Loreal Feria box dyes. It works for me and dyes my hair without changing the texture.
  • Use BioSilk serum for damaged overly processed hair. It is a leave-in shine conditioner that will leave your hair smooth and flawless looking. Just a tear drop is all you need. It worked wonders for my hair but make sure you are not allergic to silicone.
  • All of my hot tools are ceramic. I recommend ceramic because it runs smoothly through your hair and causes less damage than regular flat irons. If your hair burns easily try using a cooler setting, your hair doesn’t have to burn to hold a curl or to be straight.

BetB Banner

I have had what most people call “Bettie Page” bangs since I was 18 and have had them on and off since then because no other style suits me better. After years of cutting my bangs at a salon and having them never really get them right, I decided to take things into my own hands. Now for the past 4 years I have been cutting my bangs myself and styling them myself too. I am still learning different ways on how to pull them back when I get tired of them and/or give the illusion of not having bangs at all (tutorial on that coming soon) and will keep showing you new techniques but for now, learn how I maintain my bangs with the tutorial below.

BB Banner

[Photo by Frank Antonio styled by me. T-shirt design by Derek Santiago]

You can wear bumper bangs in a number of ways. You can turn it into a pompadour, wear it with a pony tail, have a lazy day with a head scarf and so on and so forth. It is my go-to quick style when I want to sport a pinup look in a rush. Yes, in a rush because even though it looks difficult, it is actually very simple. When I first tried it, my bumper bangs were always lopsided so it will take a few tries to perfect it. It wasn’t until I experimented with a foundation foam roller that I was able to skip the hassle.

Here is how you can do a retro style Barbie Ponytail with Bumper Bangs.

VW banner11429700_1649007288678761_70755762_n

After years and years of trying to perfect my vintage waves by attending classes, reading books, trying a million and one techniques. I finally found a technique that works for me after much practice and following/attending classes of the Masters of the vintage waves like His Vintage Touch and Mustafa Avci. I took everything I learned, added my own techniques and made a tutorial of my own which I am happy to share with you below.

Here are some other ways you can style your vintage waves..
5346 done

11 Comments on “Vintage Hairstyling

  1. This is wonderful! You go in depth and give details! thanks soooo much! Can’t wait for more!

  2. Wear my hair like this often but never tied the bangs up like you would a ponytail first. Will have to try it! Thanks for sharing. Xoxo

  3. I don’t understand how you hide the hairtie! can you please make a video?

  4. Thanks for this quick tutorial for a great look. It helps girls like me who are new to the pin up scene achieve easy looks.

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