My dream is to influence and inspire women all over the world to become exhibitionists of their own personal self-expression, to be confident, independent, self-sufficient, educated, and rebellious to our modern society’s standards. I want to bring back the essence of mid-century women; the non-body conscious, curvaceous, well-groomed, and fashionable women who roamed the streets of New York City dressed for no occasion at all but for the sake of  j u s t  b e i n g  f a b u l o u s. I have spent many years of my life studying old films, photographs, books, and anything else related to the 1920s, 50s, and 60s just to perfect my own self expression and am still learning new things every day. Many of you have been begging me for months, years even, to post my tips and tutorials on hair, makeup, and anything else related to beauty. Finally, I have set up a separate section of my blog to dish out all of my beauty secrets and how-to’s for all of you girls who love to get dolled up. Stay tuned for videos, instructions, and more. And For some extra added help I will also post referrals of books/videos I have read or come across that have helped me become the pinup I am today.

19 Comments on “BEAUTY TUTORIALS

  1. Go girl this is awesome for those who don’t know how to apply make up n stuff great tips jazzy

  2. Love all the tips you gave! Just something for the suggestion box: when putting concealer on your eyes (especially under) spread it with the tip of your fingers from the outside of your eyes to in. That way you minimize the chances of getting concealer wrinkles under your beautiful eyes.

  3. omg i just watched your makeup tutorial and it was so funny. you were dead serious when you were talking and seemed so nervous but you can tell how hilarious you are. i loved every second of it. i always thought it must have taken you hours to do your make-up, but your secret is that you’re already an extremely natural beauty who doesn’t even need make-up to begin with. holy crap are you lucky! anyway i just wanted to share my thoughts and hopefully you didn’t take anything i said the wrong way. i love your blog and best wishes and luck on everything you do in life… seriously deserve it.

    • That’s cute. I’m wearing clear glrtetiy nail polish, I usually buy nail polish that I can wear all year-round because I love them any time of the year!

  4. you are adorable. you keep it real, stay simple, and it was genuinely fun and easy to follow along. only question: the eyeliner:: what kind of tip is it? i have small, deep set eyes but a fairly strong brow like you, so i probably couldn’t do the shadow but really intend on one day soon working w/the cat eye—been longing to get it right for ages. gracias!

  5. I enjoyed watching your tutorial! Thank you.. I follow you on IG and love all your looks! I want to be a PIN UP everyday 🙂

  6. I want to Thank you for the great tips I will be using all of them I’m sure, I’m excited about testing the round nails because I always get mine with a rounded square. Please forgive me but I can’t believe that you feel so strongly about not using hair spray and hair dryers but you color your hair every 2 months, my dear I think that is worse for your hair! If you want your hair to be lighter you should be using an organic substance or like my aunts used to and put lemon juice in your hair, at least its natural…. just a suggestion

    • ❤ You're welcome doll. This is just my beauty regime. What works for me may not work for you as we are all different. Great suggestion though, I have heard lemons work wonders for the hair. xo

  7. Can you please let me know the brand and shade of your red lipstick? I have yellow undertones like you and it is very hard to find a red lipstick that looks good on me.

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