Vintage Vandal



My name is Jasmin Rodriguez also known as Vintage Vandalizm which is now my clothing brand. I have always looked at fashion as a weapon, a weapon against fashion trends, a weapon against our insecurities, and an empowering way to inspire others to embrace their own style; their own ART. My whole philosophy on fashion has always been to think outside of the box. My style is boundless but I have commonly taken inspiration from the best eras in fashion (40s, 50s, 60s, and the 80s). I love the pinup culture and style however I love being versatile so most of the time I like to clash opposites, different genres of history and fashion and somehow, someway, I make it work. I think the world is too fixated on trends that people tend to forget who they are and what they like..I’m here to help you break free, to help you stand out, to help you create your own style, be your own person, and most importantly see fashion in a whole different light.

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