Don’t confuse warning signs for butterflies.

I recently discovered Emma Zeck through this powerful post and found it extremely relatable so I thought I would share.

“@ every male in my lineage on my fathers side (minus my brother & uncle) – to no longer being a doormat & being taught in your actions that this is what I, as a woman, exist for, in the most enlightened way possible: ⁣

Fuck you all. ⁣Each & every one of you.

To the little girl in me who was exploited & objectified by the men in my lineage. who was taught by the women in my lineage to stand by the men even when they abuse you. Who watched the men degrade their women down to mere objects & the women let it happen because they did not know their own worth. Who was taught to over give & over extend for people who wouldn’t bat an eyelash for you – I see you. I grieve for the loss of your innocence. ⁣

You have been conditioned to think that being a doormat is what it takes to love & be loved. This is not the case, & never was. Anything that says otherwise is a patriarchal lie. And this web of lies has been strangling you for some time now but here we are, sweet one, slowly loosening it’s grip.”

In a nutshell, don’t let generational curses or empathy keep you stuck in situations where you are not treated with love and respect. Anything void of those important qualities, is not love. Pay attention to the warning signs and don’t confuse them for butterflies. Pay attention to your intuition and your energy especially when someones vibe exhausts you.

Leave no room in your life for narcissists. Period.

And if you do not know what a narcissist is, you can read all about them here.

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