Vintage Hairstyling book!

When you look at pictures of women from the 60s down to the 20’s, remember when it seemed almost effortless for a woman to be sexy? soft curls, seamed stockings, minimal makeup, cinched waists, and beautiful clothes? Remember when class was considered sexy and women were full of grace? I am inspired by all of that and naturally follow the beauty culture of history.

The book.

A really awesome girl by the name of Remy came by my job a few months ago looking all dolled up. As I was ringing her up I couldn’t notice her bag had a book with what looked like a pin-up on the cover. I asked her what the book was and died when she told me it was about vintage hairstyles. She was trying to learn vintage hair styling and I could definitely relate. She wrote the details of the book down and when I left my job I also left the post-it in my draw :(. Ironically when I went to Ink and Iron I saw the book at one of the vendor tents and went nuts! The price was too pricey though but I was determined and purchased the same book for $20 less on! They shipped the book immediately and today I was already trying new styles, my favorite being the Happy Pompadour! I have been dying to figure this hairstyle out and the book was so informative it worked! Its my first attempt so it’s not perfect but I can tell the more I do it the better I get. This book is incredible and anyone who is into old hair styles should have this! It also gives you makeup tutorials for all you gals out there wanting to perfect the cat eye ;)! My friend Mimi came over in the mix of all of this and asked if I could model some clothing she will be selling on ebay and I couldn’t say no because I wanted to get a picture of this hair!  If you are interested in what I am wearing click here to go to Mimi’s website to see what else she is selling at her ebay store. 


9 Comments on “Vintage Hairstyling book!

  1. I love this!!! have you come across anything for short hair styles?

  2. Great job and that hairstyle. I am sure there will be many more to come.

  3. I’m so excited about this book! I ordered it when you suggested it in your email and am excited to play around with my hair. GREAT recommendation!

  4. I seriously am in lust with your eyebrows! You should make a tutorial lol.

    Your hair style is very nice. I didn’t really care too much for the hairstyles in the hairstyling book ad except for the 4th and the 5th on the side. They lady’s hairstyle you recreated looks mad crazy lol it’s her eyes…

  5. You look absolutely darling in this hairstyle and these dresses are so beautiful. My favorite is the purple one because of how comfy and sexy it looks. Stay Fabulous! xoxo

  6. I’m rocking this hairstyle too once I finally decide to get a perm

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